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Actionable search tool for subdomains data discovery
Over 1.2 BN domains and subdomains in DB

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Not registered user can see up to 50 subdomains per any domain
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Well - organized tables of data
View all subdomains (for registered users only)
Download all subdomains (for registered users only)
Aggregated data related to searched domain
Building a graph of subdomains
FindSubdomains audience
Pentester / security engeneer
The service provides cybersecurity experts with a full scope of tech-enabled features to timely explore, identify and monitor outside perimeter vulnerabilities, gaps and weaknesses.
Using FindSubdomains experts can check in seconds all subdomains links to development environment, technical domains open to public and other potentially vulnerable endpoints.
As an online tool FindSubdomain allows for first line security monitoring and helps efficiently safeguard your IT infrastructure from potential cyber threats.
System administrator
Sysadmins enjoy more opportunities with FindSubdomains while gaining full access to a nested subdomain hierarchy within an organization’s infrastructure. Information about subdomain's IPs and subnets used as corporate or privat infrastructure helps with management, optimization and support.
To increase perfomance of infrastructure control, sysadmins utilize Tasks for actual data collection as well as for monitoring of DNS records and certificate encryption changes.
Business Analyst
FindSubdomains lets both the C-suite and BA experts reap the benefits of getting invaluable insights about company’s entire infrastructure.
Information about the number of subdomains within infrastructure, hosting of domains allocated on dedicated servers or via cheap hosting services reveal more than any external source ever can. With a robust technical-based competitor analysis you can assess new market trends from a much broader perspective.
Harnessing the findings delivered by intuitive web data analytics tools, your experts can streamline the business model in terms of evaluating system efficiency, budgeting, and predicting futher development initiatives.
Use Public API
From now on, all the users, both registered and newcomers, can benefit from utilizing our easy-to-use public API. The API enables a much more reliable and faster way to operate the whole range of Spyse services and get them integrated with your own eCommerce software products and applications. Also, you can create your own web solution based on our data using API requests.
Our freemium model allows users who haven’t signed up with the service yet to take advantage of using the API right from the start. However, the number of requests available for unregistered users is limited to 30.
Instead, the authorized users gain access to way more opportunities of API usage with only some restrictions depending on the respective subscription plan they opt for. To leverage the API potential in accordance with your subscription scheme, just remember to employ an API token while making a request. The API token can be easily found on the main page of your private user’s cabinet.
Also, there are some request types that are eligible only for custom Enterprise subscription plan users.
These exclusive features are highlighted with a special icon
Please, proceed to documentation for more tech spec details.
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Returns a list of subdomains of provided domain

                                                {"records":[],"count": 0}
Spyse Subscriptions
User tasks
Search requests
Users in team
$ 25
$ 95
$ 495
image Credit - internal currency on all services
For the sake of your usability and smooth interoperability between all the Spyse services, we introduced Credit, a digital currency unit for making all the necessary internal payments in the blink of an eye. As of now, Qnit is mostly used to open up the exceptional paid query options for subscribers, while its use keeps expanding across other services. You can always buy an extra amount of Credits using your $ account.
User Task
Once logged into the system, you are free to explore the vast opportunities of user task creation as you assign a new task from the top menu. Tasks are used for a lookup of current subdomains lists, actual DNS records and SSL/TLS certificates along with exploring open ports of your target infrastructure. You can run a Task with an unlimited number of targets – IPs, subnets and domains. Here you can also fine-tune your task preferences to tailor them to your current business needs – attach tags, select necessary services, add commonly used port presets and DNS records, import targets for scanning from a file, and much more.
image Search/filtering query
Based on the selected subscription plan, you are granted with a certain amount of requests to be used for filtering and paging through search results. You usually spend one request per each action taken. The number of available requests left is displayed at the top right corner of the main page.
“Download all” button
The ‘Download All’ button is provided on a Credit-paid basis and enables the bulk download facility. This feature is especially indispensable for handling time-critical tasks, when dealing with page-by-page massive search results is not an option.