Find Subdomains Instantly

Spyse enables you to find subdomains of any domain and reveal analytical information about companies, their security gaps, and vulnerabilities. Get an insider’s look at the infrastructure of any company in the world.
Internet Parsing
We collect broad amounts of data using a self-developed subdomain finder and provide access to the largest subdomains database on the web.
Fresh Data
All data gathered by Spyse is stored and updated daily, making our subdomains database practical to use at all times.
Offline Access
Download, store, and access the information offline right when you need it.
Who Need to Find Subdomains?
Pentesters and Security Engineers
Our tool allows security engineers to monitor vulnerabilities, as well as identify gaps and weaknesses to prevent attacks. With Spyse, pentesters can check the endpoints for vulnerability, including subdomains in the development environment, technical domains open to the public, and much more
System Administrators
Dealing with mass data made simple — system admins can find subdomains to optimize and support their organization’s infrastructure; collect useful info, monitor DNS records and certificate encryption changes. Spyse improves sysadmins overall work speed and efficiency.
Business Analysts
Our subdomain finder provides analytical information on any organization in the world. Business analysts can evaluate competitors, foresee changes and developments in their business, and get an insider look at new features before they’re launched. This tool lists all the subdomains by subnets (including indexed and development pages),IPs, AS numbers — anything an analyst would need.
We give you free credits when you sign up, refilling them monthly. Use these credits on any other Spyse service.
What You Get With Our Subdomain Finder
Spyse Credits
Sign up to Spyse and receive 3 free credits. With one credit you can perform 300 search, filter, and/or download requests. 3 credits allow you to download 6k rows of data for free. Our users also receive 1 free credit per month.
Public API

Spyse allows both signed-up and guest users access to our API.

Spyse allows both signed-up and guest users to get access to our API. API (Application Programming Interface),its a toolkit of various procedural operations used to foster productive interaction between different software systems, platforms, applications or their components. It allows for a quicker and more efficient way of operating of all Spyse's services. The API is also flexible and lends itself to a plethora of uses — you can connect our subdomain finder tool with your software products and applications to increase the speed and convenience. Spyse employs the same credits system as on the web page, so using our API you can download up to 2k data rows for only one credit.

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How to Find Subdomains Instantly
Search Info
Enter any domain name (like your competitor’s website or
Get the Results
We store and update data daily, giving you immediate access. No queue
Keep the Data
After you find all subdomains of a domain, feel free to download a TSV file and access it offline
Enterprise plan
Need more data or custom features? Feel free to contact us
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